July 20, 2023

Cartesian, robotic or high cadence palletizer: all Cimatech solutions

What is a palletizer and how it can simplify work in my business: here’s how to find the solution that best suits your needs.


With technology and automated systems designed with Industry 4.0, many new and innovative solutions have become real protagonists in the market, simplifying, speeding up, and increasing the security of various professional fields.

Among various machines, palettizers and depalletizers are among the solutions that have most attracted the attention of warehouses and logistics centers. Thanks to an automated system, these machines autonomously manage and with maximum precision particularly heavy, long, and potentially dangerous activities, which in previous decades were performed entirely by humans or using manual supports.

Let’s see why palettizers are so important for warehouses and logistics centers, how they work, and all the advantages of Cimatech solutions!

What is a palettizer?

A palettizer is an automatic machine that lifts, moves, and stacks pre-packaged material, through a premeditated movement scheme that ensures efficiency and speed. This machinery allows neat and safe stacking of large amounts of material quickly, with significant positive repercussions on the entire production cycle.

Similarly, depalletizers are used for primary packaging, removing products from packed pallets, placing them on conveyor belts, and sending them to the production area.

In both cases, the work of these machines is swift, automated, and extremely secure, revolutionizing the operations of logistics centers and warehouses and optimizing production and packaging lines. Speed is indeed an essential factor, allowing for both economical benefits and increased safety, with automated and smooth management of the entire production flow.

For any company dealing with boxes, sacks, drums, jars, trays, and materials for the food sector, using a palettizer and depalletizer is a true revolution. This activity has been manually carried out for decades, requiring a considerable investment in human resources.

The operation of this machinery is quite simple. The palettizer is a machine consisting of a central rigid structure on which a mechanical arm moves vertically and horizontally, engaging, lifting, and transporting the goods from a platform to the pallet. The arm moves along the 4 Cartesian axes and around its own axis. At the arm’s top, there is a clamp that opens when positioned exactly above the product we want to grab and place.

The path taken by the arm occurs automatically and is established during the design phase, according to the warehouse’s specific needs. The palettizer can be easily operated using a touch screen display, allowing the adjustment of all operational parameters based on the specific situation.

Each palletizing system can be configured specifically according to the warehouse’s needs, considering dimensions and functionalities, thus defining the most suitable automated solution for the internal production cycle of each individual entity.

Why use a palettizer: all the advantages

Speed, precision, order, and safety are undoubtedly the keywords summarizing why using a palettizer is important within a warehouse or logistics center.

Having access to this automated machinery allows:

  • Greater competitiveness in the market, reducing timelines and increasing the possibility of accessing new business opportunities;
  • Enhanced safety while working with large quantities of products and tight schedules, avoiding accidents;
  • Increased speed in shipping goods in the shortest time possible;
  • Better optimization of space usage, quickly freeing up warehouse space and avoiding operational obstacles for workers.

In addition to logistical and production advantages, a palettizer also helps simplify operations, offering benefits in terms of work and product quality, such as:

  • High capacity, allowing easy handling of heights exceeding 2 meters. This would be much less feasible with manual action, slowing down the operator’s movement and compromising safety;
  • Low maintenance, even with high loads or performance, avoiding slowdowns in the work cycle;
  • Excellent flexibility, thanks to various specific accessories like forks, clamps, and suction cups, making the machine extremely versatile and customizable;
  • Optimal operation even in confined spaces, with tailor-made solutions in line with market-imposed safety standards;
  • More secure and stable palletized packaging, ready to be shipped without further checks, further streamlining procedures.

Palettizers: Cimatech’s best solutions

Starting from the operational, productive, and competitive needs of companies operating primarily in the food logistics sector, Cimatech has studied and designed a complete and efficient line.

Cimatech’s palettizers fall into three main types:

  • Cartesian. These machines with Cartesian axes are designed for companies with high production capacity that want to automate, speed up, and secure loading work. The Cartesian system is ideal for standard containers requiring high-speed palletizing. Cartesian palettizers are designed to move in three dimensions (height, width, and depth) along orthogonal axes, allowing them to reach any point within their workspace. They can be programmed to perform various movements and adapt to different production setups.
  • Robots. Specifically designed to flexibly manage automatic palletizing operations at the end of the line. The anthropomorphic robot picks up containers and places them in programmed stacks on the designated pallet. Flexibility, ease of transport, and connection for quick and efficient line changeovers.
  • High-Speed. These palettizers allow us to arr