Container transports


  1. Wire Rope – Long-drawn cansWire rope conveyors used for empty cans can be with a helical wire rope or with steel cable to overcome corners and higher lengths. Wirelon-covered rope is optimal for rigidity and covering long stretches.
  2. Modular Belt – Cans, jars, glass, drums, HDPE, sacks, bottomsIdeal for all types of containers, it has a plastic surface suitable for managing accumulation and sliding of the containers. It’s modular in width, thus customizable for the customer’s specific needs, also allowing the creation of curved paths.
  3. Magnetic Conveyor – Tinned can bandsIdeal for connecting various machines in the production process, especially for tinned cans in combination with magnets to handle bodies lying flat on the bottom for 180° horizontal direction changes or in the tipplers.
  4. Tabletop Chain – AllFor all types of applications, flexible and cost-effective, ideal for connecting the seamer and palletizer for optimal container management, start & stop, and accumulation.
  5. Mechanical Chain – Bottoms onlyIdeal for connecting welders, curlers, seamers, and combined machines, it manages the bottoms exiting the welder at high-speed rates, creating good buffering. Among the most economically viable systems with minimal space requirements, it can also be designed to work at heights.
  6. Cardanic Chain – Bottoms onlyUsed for special applications, it manages various curved sections and lifts transport in case of machine stoppage.



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