Pallet transportation


Cimatech, thanks to the know-how developed over more than 40 years of activity, is able to offer various solutions for pallet transport. Below, we describe the main ones:

    1. Catenaries: Used after palletization, it provides stability to the pallet, eliminating vibrations compared to the Roller solution.
    2. Roller Conveyors: The most common form of pallet management, ideal for handling long stretches and high capacities, always equipped with appropriate sensors for detecting input and output positions.
    3. Orthogonal Conveyors: When the need arises to change the direction of pallet movement, a combination of roller conveyors and catenaries is used to manage a 90° turn.
    4. Rotating Tables: When a change in direction, but not in orientation, is required, a rotating table is used. In this case, it can be coupled to act as a distributor for three different lines according to customer needs.
    5. Automatic Pallet Warehouse-Dispenser: A pallet warehouse allowing controlled release of individual pallets or inline accumulation, also equipped with automatic adjustment based on pallet size and format.
    6. Automatic Rail Shuttle: To quickly move the formed pallet over various distances, tailored to customer needs.
    7. Automatic LGV Shuttle: Similar to the rail shuttle, it efficiently moves formed pallets over various distances, offering great flexibility through automation that enables different paths and position and queue management automations.


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