May 12, 2023

Revamping: how to improve a handling line

With revamping, it is possible to improve an industrial line without stopping the company’s productivity: here’s how.


When machinery within a production line becomes outdated and slows down its productivity, every company’s fear is having to change the entire setup. The consequences would be significant, with economic damages, the inability to maintain client agreements, and a halt in the entire internal production chain. However, with revamping, it is now possible to intervene on individual machinery, preserving the production line and achieving significant cost savings.


Let’s explore what industrial revamping is and how it can help improve your company’s productivity, facilitating access to technological innovations and IT solutions.


What is industrial revamping?


According to data collected from the research conducted by “Ucimu- Sistemi per produrre,” the average age of a machine is currently 13 years, and 70% of machinery within industries do not align with technological innovations, both in terms of automation and IT systems.


With the significant acceleration that the Industry 4.0 is bringing to the sector, this statistic is destined to increase significantly, and more machines will position themselves outside the technological standards that allow a company’s production to increase. The consequence for the industrial sector will be having less productive lines, resulting in a significant deficit in terms of investment/return, including energy savings and resource investments.


The solution that has gained significant ground in recent years is industrial revamping, which involves modernizing the electrical and electronic components of a machine within a production line. Thanks to this new approach, it’s possible to swiftly intervene by replacing a single machine, without interrupting the company’s productivity. Through revamping, it’s feasible to extend the life of industrial lines by 15/20 years, optimizing every investment, bringing every company into Industry 4.0, and enhancing competitiveness.


Benefits of revamping in the production line


With industrial revamping, a company can access numerous advantages linked to productivity, logistics, and economic aspects, significantly impacting the company positively.


Among the benefits of revamping within a production line are:


  • Implementation of technological innovation, allowing the modernization of a production line with wireless functionalities, automation, data management applications, and many other IT functions.
  • Optimization of space management: through revamping, it’s possible to replace old and bulky machinery with more compact, simplified, and smaller solutions, further optimizing internal productivity, even logistically.
  • Revision of machinery, even in regulatory and sustainability terms. With constantly changing Italian and European legislation, becoming compliant is crucial.
  • Attention to personnel, by modernizing machinery in terms of safety, thanks to new internal automation or verification systems.
  • Energetic optimization, with new internal electronic systems that allow energy consumption reduction and improved energy efficiency while maintaining performance levels.
  • Reduction of regular maintenance costs, thanks to updated, innovative, and modern technology.


Improving a handling line with Cimatech


Partnering with a leading industry expert with 40 years of experience provides access to the best technologies for industrial revamping and a broad industry knowledge base. This way, the company can offer you upgrades tailored to your handling line, with scalable solutions even in the medium/long term.


With Cimatech, we offer a comprehensive revamping of the machine, providing solutions to all your production line problems, such as:


  • A machine that needs an expensive replacement or is hard to find;
  • An old machine that requires constant maintenance, causing temporary production stoppages;
  • The presence of outdated and no longer upgradable software;
  • A machine compromising operator safety, causing injuries and hindering work activities.


With our experience and innovative technologies, the result of years of analysis and research in close collaboration with industry players, we offer 4.0 solutions, optimizing production, and modernizing every type of handling line.


You can improve your handling line with Cimatech by:


  • Introducing the most innovative technologies